Wednesday, January 19

as i replied

dear W,

i'll felt to if we broke up .
i"m also not in my own person's body .
it was like i was in a different world full with domo n enemy from all the universe. .

dear W.acel speak ,

i will forgive you if you did something wrong to me.

because you were the best thing that God have ever given to me .
it's okay if you didn't manage to take good care of me n i hope so you care for me.

and i care for you

my dear W ,

u was my first n the last lover of ma story .
every words what i said you mark it or you hear it..
Love is my realistic story .


i always said you're the best in my liFe .

I will be the support in everything you do .

I will always be there for you .
no matter what was happen .
I will beside you, you the best in heart & in my lover ,
I will do the best for you...

Acel said the truth ,

if i cheat with you , thats mean i not loving you .
but i never cheat you because i love you.

my dear Wendy ,

i'ill always love you no matter what i will love you so much

because i don't wanna lose you .
i care of you .
i will always seen you .
i never let you go for easily .
i wanna be with you dear wendy .

~acel speak~
~acel replied~
~love ~